Inspiring women to nourish and love the body they’re in

Emily A. James, MPH, CEPC, CHHC


I help women like you take control of your health and eating habits and enjoy your body.

I’m a holistic health coach who specializes in helping women make sustainable changes with weight, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, yo-yo dieting, and body image.

  • Are you frustrated with your weight or the way your body looks?

  • Do you sometimes feel out of control around food?

  • Do you feel bad about the current state of your health or weight?

  • Do you feel guilty for not being able to stick to a diet or exercise routine?

  • Are you wanting to make lasting changes with your health, eating habits, and body?


Imagine what it would be like if…

  • You felt comfortable and confident in your body

  • You felt in control of your eating habits and food choices

  • You had the freedom to enjoy food you love without any guilt

  • You nourished yourself with healthy food that makes you and your body feel good

  • You had an exercise routine that you love

  • You felt healthy, energized, happy, and balanced

  • You were able to make your health and wellness a priority every day with ease

Does it sound too good to be true? I used to think so too… 

I struggled for years with eating and body challenges and no one knew because I kept it hidden while I achieved in all other areas of my life.

Then one day, I was honest with myself and confronted the truth. My journey to wellness began then and there, and now I help women do the same.

I am committed to empowering women to take responsibility for their health, take control of their eating habits, and celebrate their bodies. 


When you’re ready to confront your truth and start loving the body you’re in, I am here for you. 

“Working with Emily has changed my life – the way I see myself and treat myself. Before working with her, I would change my outfit several times before leaving the house. This practice has ended as she helped me learn to accept myself more while striving to be better and having compassion for myself. Formerly an insomniac, she helped me implement a bedtime routine and I now get quality sleep, wake refreshed and make better choices during the day. I appreciate her kindness, support, sense of humor, and how she holds me accountable in a gentle way. I love our walks and while my life is changing during them, it feels like a chat with a friend.”
– Kelly Boyle