My Story

I am living a life that I never knew was possible for me. 

I struggled privately for years with anxiety, disordered eating, and horrible body image. There was a constant internal battle going on inside my head of never feeling good enough, measuring my worth by my weight, and beating myself up. This was something I kept secret for almost 20 years until my wake-up call came from within. 

About 7 years ago, intense work stress led me to start meditation, something I always was interested in but never made the commitment to until I felt like I hit rock bottom with my stress.  After meditating for about 1 year, I realized not only did I have a problem with my relationship with food, but I wanted relief. 

I was done. 

I was so sick of agonizing over what I ate, how much I exercised, and how unhappy I was with my body.

I was ready for help after ~20 years of weight fluctuations, fear of food, restricting, overeating, purging, fear of weight gain, and beating myself up whenever I overate, missed a workout, or did not feel thin.

I didn’t care in what form the help came. I just wanted to stop this cycle of self-abuse. 

Initially I was frustrated that I couldn’t resolve this issue on my own since I’d had success in other areas of my life. Why couldn’t I just fix this one? 

It was a deeply personal, private, internal struggle filled with shame that I never spoke a word about with anyone. 

It was my secret hell and not talking about it was only keeping me more stuck in my head

Once I decided to get help, I was ready to face this head on with the same determination I brought to the most significant things in my life. 


My journey of healing started with a self-compassion mindful eating group that helped me make peace with food in a way I never thought was possible.  My next milestone came from working with a life coach who empowered me to take responsibility for everything in my life including my thoughts and beliefs. I learned to love myself which eventually shifted to my body. I became a more positive and optimistic person. It was truly a miracle; something a few years ago I never dreamed would be possible for me. 

What I know now is that with commitment and hard work, anything is possible. I never would have said this a few years ago. I was always the practical one – all about facts and what’s feasible and realistic. I am still that practical person, but somewhere along the way (to my surprise) I began to no longer see the world or myself with such limitations.

It can be changed – it’s up to you. You have the choice, more than you realize. You can believe and think anything you want and from there your actions and behaviors start to change to align with them.

At some point in my healing I realized that I was not alone; that there are many other women out there struggling in the same way I had been.  And no one deserves to live that way.  On the other side is an incredible life full of self-compassion, freedom, ease, and joy – one I never imagined for myself.  This realization led me to leave the corporate world to commit to helping women make peace with food and learn how to love the body they’re in.

When it comes to your relationship with food and body, my bar is set high because of my personal experience and I won’t tell you to accept anything lower.  Don’t settle for body neutrality or body acceptance if you want more.  

If you want to reach for the stars, I can help you get there and not sell yourself short.  

I am truly passionate about helping women make sustainable changes, and any major change takes time, commitment, and baby steps. I’m not going to promise overnight miracles but with dedication and practice, miracles can happen. 

It’s up to you. And when you’re ready, I am here.